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YCLSA Eastern Cape Provincial Committee Statement on outcomes of the meeting

15 May 2017

The Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA), uFasimba in the Eastern Cape Province held its 5th Provincial Committee (PC) meeting of the 4th Provincial Congress on Saturday, the 13th May 2017 at SACP Offices, Bhisho. The meeting was convened to assess and reflect on internal organisational building programmes and contemporary development issues in the province, nationally, intercontinentally and universally. The meeting received National Political Input through Cde Vuyisa Konzani. Among others things, the meeting expressed its view on the following issues;-

The meeting resolved that YCLSA through its structures must organise more and more awareness campaigns and programmes so as to ensure that the organisation is visible throughout the province. The meeting resolved on the need to further organise and have joint programmes with Labour Federation, Trade Unions, progressive civic society organisations and state where we share the same aspirations and views. The meeting resolved to embark on a programme of ensuring that SACP National Congress resolve on SACP to contest elections in 2019. We will further engage through our SACP structures that all delegates going to the Congress from our province must carry this mandate.

The meeting congratulated SASCO for winning Student Representative Council (SRC) elections at University of Fort Hare, Lovedale and Ingwe TVET Colleges. We will continue to pledge our support to SASCO in order to ensure that we are winning coming SRC elections both at Universities and TVET Colleges.

In relation to both basic and high education, the meeting reiterated the call for implementation of free quality and compulsory education with prohibition of existence of private education. We call government to drop the nuclear programme and prioritise education. The meeting has expressed its appreciation on the appointment of Superintendent-General for the Department of Education as the department is still facing serious challenges within its scope of education in the province. Among these challenges include lack of educational support by some members of the community, infrastructure related issues, rationalisation of schools, realignment of District Offices from 23 to 12, resignations and migration of teachers, migration of parents with their children to other provinces, late payment of some educators, shortage of teachers in some schools, displacement of teachers by some members of community, high rate of crime which directly affect functioning of schools, sabotaging elements by some officials within the department which result to late delivery of stationary, textbooks and transferring of nutrition funds to schools. We are calling for the joining of hands by all progressive people so that this department can overcome these challenges and further produce satisfactory outcomes in future.

The meeting support the plight of students of Walter Sisulu University (WSU) who resolved to embark on strike as they are frustrated by issues related to National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and others. The meeting has expressed its sadness to the incident took place at WSU at Nelson Mandela Drive Campus (NMD) in Mthatha where a student lose life. We are calling law enforcement agencies to leave no stone unturned in getting to the root of the problem as and for all.

The meeting has expressed its dismay to the abuse of both public funds and assets by many Comrades deployed in state institutions in particular at local government level. Some leader in the local government have a fleet of more than one official vehicle wherever they go with many protectors as if they will not lose those benefits one day. Furthermore, the abusive realities experience by many workers who are both drivers and protectors to our Comrades in government is at an alarming rate. We are calling for uniformity in both protection and use of official vehicles at local government level. We are calling members of the society in particular young people to use their smartphones in taking pictures and videos post them to social networks whenever they evidence the abuse of Official vehicles. The meeting resolved to engage members of the public to support our demand for implementation of lifestyle audit for all Mass Democratic Movement (MDM) leaders in the province and those leaders who are deployed to lead and manage Portfolios such as Infrastructure, Local Economic Development and Finance at local government level.

The meeting has expressed its disappointment to what is going on in the South African Youth Council (SAYC) in the province. We are calling for the dropping of the Court Case which has nothing to do with pursuant of youth interests. We will reach out to the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) components and other member organisations in trying to bring about solutions to prevailing problems at SAYC.

The meeting has expressed its dismay on the double standard played by Board of Directors of Eskom and later by the Minister of Public Enterprise for approving the return of Mr Brain Molefe whom resigned after the release of Public Protector Report on State of Capture. This decision has a direct contribution to damaging of the ANC as brand in the eye of public. The ANC statement issued after this development has illustrated assert that ANC as an organisation is not in power and does not have control on those who are running and ruling South Africa as a country.

In relation to the coming ANC Conference in the province, the meeting has resolved to unification of the province through this conference as the first option. Should unification option fails, as the YCLSA in the province, we want to put it on record for everyone one to know that from 2009 River Park conference the ANC, the province has been more stable than before and we believe that relatively it has also been able to discharge its revolutionary duties and mandate of building a more united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa. We also believe that the collective leadership led by Comrade Phumulo Masualle has made a lot of efforts and amassed considerable gains both political and organisationally including stabilisation of provincial administration for the benefit of the masses of our people in the province although we remain still rated among the poorest areas in this country. Our observations, are guided by both objective and subjective realities that the ANC continues to face and witness certain forces which work tirelessly to undermine such great progress. As second option, we will continue to work hard as we did in the past in influencing structures of the ANC and alliance in the province to support views that Comrade Phumulo Masualle be elected with collective as Chairperson of the ANC in the next provincial Conference.

The YCLSA is the province has resolved to join all progressive people who decided not to take food from the 14th of May 2017 at 18H00 to 15th of May 2017 at 18H00 in solidarity with people of Palestine who remain discriminated, oppressed and suppressed by apartheid Israeli regime. Communists leading the entire working class and as internationalists have a responsibility to pledge their unwavering support to all international struggles of with progressive objectives.

Yes to Socialism! No to Capitalism! Yes to Socialism

Issued by YCLSA Eastern Cape Province

Andile Mosha
Provincial Secretary 073 012 6762 or