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YCLSA will avenge the Assassination of Chris Hani

The Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) must avenge the assassination of the late SACP General Secretary Chris Hani if the call for the Inquest continues to fall on deaf ears. The refusal to open the Inquest simply means that, anyone who challenges the status quo will face the same fate, and life would continue as normal thereafter.

We seem to be trying to reason with an unreasoning establishment. The Inquest would bring closure to suspicions and conspiracies around the assassination of Chris.

As the YCLSA, we are the heirs of the revolution and cannot fold our arms in the midst of an anti-communist, thus anti-justice and anti-equality, onslaught which has always been there during Hani's times to date. The rot must be dealt with both from within and without.

We are deeply concerned at best and disappointed at worst by the reluctance of the ANC, as the governing party, and President of the Republic Jacob Zuma in particular to, either himself or by instructing the Ministry of Justice or the NPA, open the Inquest into the assassination of Chris Hani.

We always ask ourselves these questions as the YCLSA,

If indeed the gravity of Hani's assassination was such that it nearly plunged the country into crisis, why is it treated as a secondary, if not a non-issue except during anniversaries which themselves have become part of the conservative political rituals under the behest of monopoly capital-captured ANC?

If the former President of the Republic, Thabo Mbeki, and the current one claim to have lived, loved and struggled with Chris Hani, why has there always been reluctance to open the Inquest?

What good will it do and who will it benefit to sweep the matter of the assassination of Chris Hani under the carpet?

We have been raising this matter as the YCLSA over the years. This is not because we want to cause unnecessary fracas or animosity but because we realize that, just like Chris Hani, anyone who challenges the status quo is bound to suffer the same fate. It is therefore our responsibility to expose the establishment if it is complicit in getting rid of anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist revolutionaries.

We used to sing "weThabo Mbeki siyabuza ubani wabulala uChris Hani"? And nobody reprimanded us. It was a choreographed anti-Mbeki move. The present powers-that-be too, which blatantly refuse the matter of the Inquest, must tell us why is it so difficult to open the Inquest of a cadre they all claim to have struggled with and loved. Young people who are South African history learners always ask us as members of the YCLSA, if Chris Hani was so popular a figure why is it that the truth behind his assassination is established?

The YCLSA has a revolutionary duty, as the vanguard of the poor youth, to adequately respond to this question lest we become cowards at the time when we ought to play a meaningful role in this epoch of our lifetime.

We call on all young people who are unemployed and poor; young people who cannot access education; young people who work in newsrooms - print and broadcast - still dominated by the old and conservative guards who suppress emerging talent and its dynamism; young people who work at McDonald, KFC, Nandos, Steers, Debonairs, Checkers, Shoprite, various restuarants, hotels, yet earn nothing decent and have to depend on tips, to take up things on their own. No political messiah will ever liberate us as the youth, we must self-liberate.

By the way, as the exploited poor youth, we already live as "dead woods", the "walking dead". We live on the fringes of a decadent neo-liberal capitalist society. We are forced to service an economy that does not want us. We actually struggle to survive the next day not to live, because the neo-liberal capitalist system has made it impossible for us to attain proper livelihood beyond what it offers us. We and our parents are deeply indebted.

Indebtedness, consumer and student debt, has become a spectre that haunts us in our everyday existence while the political elite lives large as a result of looting state resources and flirting with the Guptas and the Ruperts of the world, while workers are told to "tighten their belts...because the economy is not perfoming well".

The best way to avenge the assassination of our martyr is to be organized as the poor and marginalized youth and defend ourselves against so many "violences" inflicted on our bodies, emotions and minds by a system safeguarded by the ANC that blatantly refuses us authentic freedom, yet is hell-bent on churning out concepts and notions which are nothing else but false iconographies of liberation.

This is going to be a justice-infested avenge which is poised to ruffle the feathers of a tiny privileged elite. This is part of intensifying youth mobilization for socialism. In the defense of neo-liberal capitalism, its apologists and beneficiaries will not take this lying down. That must neither shock nor dampen our revolutionary spirit. We must be hated by the 'elite' and loved by the 'masses'. Our cadres must be ready for any eventuality.

Since unemployment is violence, poverty is violence, lack of access to proper and quality health-care is violence, lack of access to quality and compulsory education is violence, it is therefore upon us to defend ourselves from these mani-fold "violences" by any means necessary. We are prepared to take to its logical end what Chris Hani believed in, thus socialism - a system that caters for the poor and workers.

What has always been the position of the YCLSA is that the SACP must contest the upcoming elections. The Party is the Party of power not some alliances which lack transformative agency. We can no longer afford to water a 'dead political flower' that has lost a 'revolutionary spark' in the form of ANC - the utmost guardian of monopoly capital harbouring a political elite busking in the glory of share-holder capitalism at the expense of real radical transformation of the social and economic landscape for the benefit of the poor.

In Chris Hani we see ourselves as the poor youth, and if we must suffer the same fate let it be, otherwise populist demagogues will occupy the space and mislead the youth. After all, true freedom is the risking of life.

By Molaodi Wa Sekake

YCLSA National Spokesperson

078 164 3668