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President Zuma shows hatred for Communists by demoting Yershen Pillay

The YCLSA has noted the statement by President Zuma claiming that he did not demote the National Chairperson of the YCLSA, Comrade Yershen Pillay. This is a blatant lie that we cannot accept as the YCLSA. Comrade Pillay was recommended for another term at the NYDA because of the sterling work he did in stabilizing and turning around the agency.

In 2013, President Zuma appointed the board of the NYDA and he appointed Pillay as the Executive Chairperson. The YCLSA decided to recommend Pillay for another term after the excellent leadership he showed in stabilizing the NYDA and achieving its first ever clean audit outcome. In 2017, President Zuma appoints the board of the NYDA and he appoints Pillay as an ordinary board member. This is clearly a demotion from a higher position in 2009 to a lower position in 2013. The reason why the President cannot see this as a demotion is because his decisions were based on factionalism and not principle or performance.

The only reason that President Zuma appointed our National Chairperson onto the board is because he had no choice. Parliament had recommended the seven members of whom the President had no choice but to accept. According to the NYDA Act 54 of 2008 the President can only appoint board members to the NYDA from the list of names recommended to him by Parliament. We are well aware that the President did not want Parliament to recommend Yershen Pillay because he was a communist. Unfortunately for Zuma our National Chairperson performed exceptionally well during the publicly broadcasted interviews and Parliament had to do the right thing by recommending him for a further term. We salute our Parliament for recommending Comrade Pillay based on his performance during the interviews.

The truth of the matter is that President Zuma has erred by leaving Pillay completely out of the executive. His decision was based on factionalism and his hatred for communists who he no longer trusts. Unfortunately Comrade Pillay was a victim of the attack on communists by Zuma and the Guptas. We have reliable information that suggests Comrade Pillay was not the preferred candidate of the Guptas who want to use the youth development space to advance their narrow interests. Comrade Pillay is seen to be a communist leader who could not be bought by the Guptas and therefore cannot be given such a senior position in government.

As the YCLSA we are convinced that President Zuma demoted Yershen Pillay by not appointing him to his former position because Pillay is a communist leader and part of the anti - Gupta camp. We reiterate our stance that the demotion of Cde Pillay is a factional and anti-communist agenda by the President. As the YCLSA will be engaging our mother body the SACP to determine whether or not to recall Comrade Pillay from the NYDA. Will make this decision in due course.

We are however convinced that the only solution to dealing with an anti - Communist ANC is for the SACP to mobilize society behind a New Front and directly contest state power by contesting the 2019 National General Elections. The demotion of the YCLSA National Chairperson was a clear sign that the ANC no longer sees a role for communists and we take this as a challenge to mobilize society behind a New Front led by the SACP.

For the Presidency to issue statement saying the demotion of Cde Pillay is fabrication is nothing else other than fabrication of the fabrication by the Presidency and this further shows that they are leaving in the fool's paradise.

They can fool some but not all of us, that's the bottom line!