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The YCLSA condemns fake picket calling for regime change in Venezuela

13 May 2017

The Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) is deeply concerned about the activities of foreign rogue elements operating within the country to assist the US government in its Imperial war against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. A fake picket was staged in Durban last week showing a group of people supporting regime change in Venezuela. The group of people are shown demonstrating outside the Venezuelan embassy in Pretoria but no such picket ever took place.

Oppositionist views on Venezuela were first posited by the Democratic Alliance (DA) and its Members of Parliament such as DA MP David Maynier. It is no secret that the DA is working with the US government to drive regime change in South Africa. However, the US government is also using the DA to advance pro - Capitalist agendas in other parts of the world such as Venezuela. The YCLSA is concerned that the DA may be working with US intelligence to instigate false news that South Africa supports the opposition parties of Venezuela and the overthrow of the State in Venezuela.

As the YCLSA we fully support the National Constituent Assembly decreed by President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela. We see this process of participatory people's democracy as a revolutionary platform for expressing the will of the Venezuelan people as part of deepening, advancing and consolidating the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.

We reject the fake news, disinformation and rogue orchestrated protests in South Africa that seek to create a false perception of support by the South African people for the opposition parties in Venezuela. We condemn the recently held picket that was staged in Durban by US sponsored agents of Imperialism residing in South Africa. Images of this fake picket were splashed across world media as an indication of support offered by South Africa to the opposition parties in Venezuela.

As far as the YCLSA is aware, the Government of South Africa does not have a position to support the opposition parties of Venezuela. The US orchestrated picket in Durban infringes on our Sovereignty and National Security as the Republic of South Africa and we therefore call on the South African government to investigate the fake picket as a matter of urgency.

We are also aware of a similar activity that is planned for Thursday, 18 May 2017 at the United Nations offices in Pretoria. We call on our members to interrupt this picket and initiate our own demonstration in support for the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution in Venezuela. We support the people of Venezuela and the National Constiuent Assemby as organized by the Government of Venezuela which will provide for a national dialogue on the challenges facing the Bolivarian Socialist Republic and how best to address those challenges.

An attack on the Bolivarian Socialist Republic of Venezuela is an attack on the International Workers Struggle. We therefore condemn the continued efforts of US Imperialism to destabilize the Socialist State in Venezuela as part of their Imperialist plan 'Venezuela Freedom 2' which is meant to institute a US backed Capitalist Government in Venezuela.

Issued by YCLSA

For more information, contact
YCLSA National Spokesperson
Molaodi Wa Sekake
078 164 3668