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Communist University - Political School Material

Issue 6, Vol 13: 24 March 2016

In this issue:


Viewpoint by Mluleki DlelangaThe release of Janusz Waluz is a real April's Fool Day by Jugde Nicoline Van Niewenhuizen

By Mluleki Dlelanga

“When you hear the judgment of the fool” Vladimir Lenin

The 1st of April is generally known as Fool's day. The 1st of April 2016's Fool's day in South Africa is coinciding with the day Janusz Waluz, the assassin or the killer of our General Secretary Cde Chris Hani might be released on parole as per the Gauteng High Court. When I heard about this reactionary judgment, I was reminded of the article I read long time ago that was published from the notes of a Social-Democratic Publicist. The judgment of the fool by Lenin appeared in pamphlet form in January 1907 by the Novaya Duma Publishers.

In this pamphlet, Lenin spoke about the St Petersburg Social-Democratic Conference. Where he said the bourgeois press is now gossiping and crackling over the resolutions of the St. Petersburg Social- Democratic Conference.

Where liberals, from the pompous official organ Rech to the gutter rag Sedodnya are united in a general chorus of jubilation over the split caused by the Mensheviks, of triumph at the return of these prodigal son of society to the fold of the opposition block, and at their emancipation from revolutionary illusions.

As much as Lenin was referring to bourgeois press attitude and approach on the St Petersburg Social-Democratic Conference, there is an interlinked reference on the judgment by the Gauteng High Court by Judge Nicoline Van Nieuwenhuizen to grant parole on Janusz Walusz. This interlinked reference is based on a reactionary judgment that is controversial, unnecessary and one sided judgment, which is the betrayal to the people's leader Comrade Chris Hani.

A new member of YCLSA may ask who the judges are.

The Judges falls under an Umbrella body or entity simply known as the Judiciary. This Umbrella body or entity they fall under always claims that it is neutral. But as communists we are consciously aware that this is a blatant lie as we know that there is no class neutrality in a class struggle. As Lenin warned us that “to expect class neutrality in a class divided society is as foolish naïve as to expect the capitalists to reduce profit to increase wages”. Such controversial judgment which I refer as a judgment of the fool as per the teachings of Lenin has demonstrated the extremely subjective and unnecessary conclusion for release of Janusz Walusz ,the judgment consider only the interests of the murderer than the feeling of the people, the family and the organizations affected. This judgment is not in the interests of the South African peace loving people or in the interests of the working class in our country. The question that comes if it is not in the interests of the working class on whose interests is this controversial judgment? A simple answer that can be provided to the new member of YCLSA is that the judgment is in the interests of the ruling class in our country and Janusz Walusz.

The controversial Judgment by Judge Nicoline Van Nieuwenhuizen, on 09 March 2016, in the Gauteng High Court that ruled that the cold blooded murderer of Cde Chris Hani, our General Secretary, will be released on parole within 14 days. Which according this controversial judgment Janusz Walusz will be released on the 01 April 2016. This controversial judgment resonance very well with Lenin ‘s word that when you hear the judgment of the fool , as such this controversial judgment is a real judgment of the fool and should be considered as the April's Fool Day Judgment.


The South African working class and South Africans in general should never accept this judgment as such they should consider it as April's Fool Days Judgment by Judge Nicoline Van Nieuwenhuizen. Hence will call people to join the march on the 01 April to reject with contempt it deserves. As Janusz Walusz should rot in jail.

If I have to borrow Albert Einstein words that “Any fool can know. The point is to understand”. There is no sober and a peace loving person can understand this Judgment. I fail to understand and I refuse to understand that (i) How did the Judge arrived to the conclusion on parole. (ii) I refuse to allow a decision to release be forced down on our throat and when we question the decision we are being blackmailed as un humans.(iii) That the ANC spokesperson called for the immediate deportation of Janusz Walusz to his home of origin. (iv) That a person is given a life sentence and what is the use of sentencing someone for life sentence in prison but that person is released before that life is finished.

We don't accept the judgment of the fool as the judgment of the fool is not in the interests of the people. This judgment of the fool is the slap on the face of the South African and Internationalists who are for justice, peace and prosperity across the globe. This judgment is the betrayal to the people.

We don't just oppose the judgment for the sake of opposing. Our opposition to judgment is a principled opposition. Our opposition is as kind as we have been constantly saying; we need a full disclosure and the whole truth of those who participated on the plot to assassinate our General Secretary, Cde Chris Hani both within and outside the movement. We believe that this man was paid to assassinate Cde Chris Hani. Like all assassins they get paid for the job. He never gave an answer why he killed Chris Hani? Who was part of the plot to assassinate Chris Hani? Where and how did he get a gun to assassinate Chris Hani? How much was the price to kill Chris Hani?

If these questions have no answers, why the release? Even during the real April's Fool Day, communists can be fooled by this Judge hence this must be regarded as April Fool Day's Judgment by Nicoline Van Nieuwenhuizen.

We declared long time ago as the Young Communist League of South Africa that we want to be like Chris Hani. Being like Chris Hani include saying no to the Parole given to Janusz Walusz as Chris Hani was characterized by deep sensitivity to all problems , sensitivity to injustice, a spirit that rebels against every wrong , whomever commits it, questioning anything not understood, discussing and asking for clarification on whatever is not clear and always being open to new experiences in order to apply the many years of experience of humanity's advance along the struggle for socialism in our country as well as realities that exist in our country.

Lessons and experiences on the previous judgment

In failing to see the principle underlying the total rejection of the parole to Janusz Walusz by the people, the YCLSA and SACP. The Judges have failed to notice the elephant.

These Judges are entirely under the ideological influence of the capitalists and this influence of capitalists has overshadowed everything for them. All what they thought of is how to find a reason to grant a parole than considering the pending question , the attitude and feeling of the affected people and organization including the family.

They don't have an idea about the pain of their judgment it has caused to the people, the family and the communists both in the country and global.

To grant parole to Janusz Walusz is wrong, is injustice and raises so many unanswered questions. Hence we refuse to play a fools game with Judge Nicoline Van Nieuwenhuizen , as we don't have time to play April's Fool Day game as we are busy propelling the struggle of the humble , for the humble and by the humble i.e. the struggle for socialism ultimately communism.

YCLSA say this assassin deserves to rot in Jail!

YCLSA say no to Janusz Walusz parole and YCLSA say yes to Janusz Walusz rotting in Jail.

Janusz Walusz must remain in prison until he discloses and tells the whole truth, that the bottom line, coz the YCLSA says so!

Cde Mluleki Dlelanga is the National Secretary of the YCLSA