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YCLSA statement on baseless allegations by ANC to SACP

As the YCLSA (Fasimba), we reject and strongly condemn the baseless allegations by the ANC to our mother-body, the SACP, that the party leaked confidential information that was discussed in the bilateral that was held last week. As the YCLSA we view these allegations by ANC as nothing else other than diving into the penalty box and crying foul. As such these allegations are not genuine, if the ANC is genuine it should have asked for the bilateral meeting and raise its concern on the meeting as the Party is and always been ready for a meeting with ANC.

As the YCLSA we are very worried and disappointed that the African National Congress convened its extended NWC to discuss the SACP. In the context of our landless people, heightened high level of unemployment, poverty and deepening gap between the rich and the poor, the ANC has no luxury of time to be discussing another political party. Instead of discussing the SACP the ANC should, top of its agenda, be having the land question, service delivery to our people, youth development and empowerment, unity of the ANC and restoration of its public image both as an organization and its leadership. Furthermore the ANC should acknowledge the strain it is causing to the workers and the poor of our country instead of shifting the goal post, through baseless and unscientific allegations, to the SACP.

We further want as the YCLSA to remind the SACP of its vanguard role. As such, the Party must rise to the occasion and lead the National Democratic Revolution and the struggle for socialism. If the Alliance is experiencing difficulties or the ANC is arrogant the Party should not be silent. If the SACP raised the matter with the ANC in the meeting and the ANC just arrogantly ignored it the SACP should as an independent organization state its position on the matter publicly. The landless people, the poverty stricken communities and unemployed people and working class have placed their hopes to the SACP. The SACP should unapologetically continue to be the voice of these people that have placed their hopes in it.

We therefore call on SACP to remain firm and speak truth to power against all odds in the interest of the working class and never allow by an inch to be intimidated by the darlings of the monopoly capital who are masquerading as genuine revolutionaries, portraying themselves as anti-white monopoly capital yet they are the primary beneficiaries of the very same white monopoly capital. We further call on all South Africans to remain vigilant of people who speak of white monopoly capital to us, whether white or black monopoly capital is our strategic enemy.

The SACP at all material times should always know that the strength of a Marxist-Leninist theory is that it gives the Party the ability in any situation to understand the inner connections of the events around it, to see the course events will take, and recognize not only how and in which direction events are going but also how and which direction they must develop in the future.

As the YCLSA we say to ANC, don't blame the SACP but be warned by what it raises and respect its decisions.

We say hands off SACP!

Issued by the National Secretary of the YCLSA

Cde Mluleki Dlelanga
078 642 9004

For more information, contact

YCLSA National Spokesperson
Molaodi Wa Sekake
078 164 3668