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YCLSA Statement on spurious accusations against the SACP

31 March 2017

The YCLSA would like to remind those that might have forgotten that the Alliance of the ANC, SACP and COSATU is an alliance of independent partners. Each partner has a right to take decisions independent of the other. This is an alliance build out of the historical imperative to liberate the people of South Africa, and ipso facto, the working class.

The SACP is not some desk of the ANC. The SACP has a right to independently take decisions in accordance with its political and ideological imperatives. Any other thing besides this is but a figment of the fatal imagination of narrow-minded and infantile politicians.

As the YCLSA believe that it is only those who choose to sacrifice principle at the altar of political expediency and factionalism that conveniently ignores this indisputable reality. The accusations levelled against the SACP that it has betrayed the trust of the Alliance by calling a press briefing to outline its political position is utterly ridiculous and not worth any salt.

The SACP is the vanguard of the working class, it is not a party of 'elite pacts' to fool masses that everything is alright while things are falling apart. As the YCLSA we believe that, in fact, the greatest betrayal of the masses by the ANC is failure to transform the economy for the benefit of everyone instead of a tiny minority. It is The ANC under the behest of a parasitic bourgeoisie that is responsible for maintaining the social and economic system that reproduces unemployment, poverty and inequality, and the Party of the working class cannot be political collaborators to that.

It comes as no surprise therefore that when the SACP unequivocally states its position those who benefit from the perpetual agony of the working class cry foul and concoct spurious allegations against the SACP in attempt to discredit it.

During unwarranted provocations, the SACP has maintained its commitment to the unity of the Alliance. As the YCLSA we call upon the SACP to continue playing its role and never back down on the historic mission of liberating the poor and workers. The SACP must never be deterred by neocolonial paper tigers and the parasitic bourgeoisie whose privileges are threatened by the unity of the working class.

The YCLSA reiterates its call for the SACP to contest elections in 2019. We will do whatever it takes to convince the Party to take this as a resolution at its 14th National Congress in July this year.

Issued by YCLSA Media

YCLSA National Spokesperson
Molaodi Wa Sekake
078 164 3668