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YCLSA on President Zuma's Response on his recall

The YCLSA note the hogwash response and defiance of the ANC NEC decision by President Zuma. The interview held by President Jacob Zuma with the SABC today re-affirm our support for our Party position, which is now the position of the whole ANC headed Alliance, that the President must resign and if not be recalled. It is tautological for the President to say that he is not definitely defiant but disagrees with the decision of the ANC National Executive Committee to recall him. The ANC must take serious exception to that and must proceed to remove him through Parliamentary process through a motion of no confidence. He definitely showed no confidence in the ANC and there is no reason why he should continue leading the ANC led government.

Disciplined cadres of the movement do not elevate their private, individual views above those of the movement.They abide by and implement the decisions of the movement even if they held a different view. This character of finest revolutionaries is epitomized by the good leadership example set by Cde Chris Hani. Cde Chris Hani implemented a decision he disagreed with, to suspend the armed struggle and activities of the joint SACP-ANC military wing, uMkhonto weSizwe and very important without even having been present in the meeting where the decision was taken.

In 2008 President Thabo Mbeki resigned after he was recalled by the ANC and President Jacob Zuma issued a statement later in support of President Thabo Mbeki's recall.

President Jacob Zuma is on record that if the ANCwere to be asking him to step down he would do so without hesitation. He has now shifted the goal post and says he was elected by Parliament. He has proven to be inconsistent and convenient towards principles. In particular where a principle or process does not favor him becomes defiant or offers a distorted interpretation.

The YCLSA wishes to remind President Zuma that it is not him but the ANC on behalf both of its members and Alliance partners as well as the motive forces of our revolution that stood for and won elections.

The YCLSA rejects the idea that foreign relations between South Africa and other countries are with the person of the President because some of the leaders of those countries are his friends. Our country's international relations and co-operation are between our state and state of other countries.

As the young communists we continue to learn on a daily basis and amongst what we have learnt is that no matter stupid the decision taken by your organization, you have to respect it, that's the line Coz YCLSA Says So!

Issued by YCLSA National Secretary

Cde Mluleki Dlelanga