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The Statement of Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) on the recent South African Communist Party (SACP) 8th Provincial Congress

8 December 2017

The YCLSA congratulates the SACP in province on its successful 8th Provincial Congress held on the 08th - 10th December 2017, East London, City Hall.

The YCLSA in the province have been part of the 8th Provincial Congress of the South African Communist Party and played fully its meaningful role in the life of Party. That meaningful role was contributing to both the form and content or vice versa of what it declares successful Congress of the working class in the Eastern Cape by many standards. It therefore fit to congratulate the Vanguard Party of the working class for having an effective and successful Congress.

The Congress took place against a background of the broad left both globally and nationally that is attempting to consolidate itself against the consolidation of the right wing epitomised by the continuous role played by the United State of America (USA) and personified in the person of Donald Trump. Although suffered setbacks, it is important to appreciate the advances made towards the struggle for socialist global order.

The Congress equally took place in a moment of general political and organisational degeneration of the liberation movement in South Africa whose effects are felt throughout the continent of Africa. The indicative of this fact amongst others is propelled by the perception of a movement unable to handle its internal democracy but expects the society it leads to trust it with the project of deepening the democracy in South Africa for all by most importantly for the working class as it constitutes the overwhelming majority of the South African population.

The 8th Provincial Congress of our Party also remained through the character of the SACP as it desisted all attempts to institutionalise factionalism through the entrenchment of slates in the manner in which it approaches the question of political leadership. Instead the Party consolidated its position around building the independent profile of the South African Communist Party consistent with the unfolding discussion of State and Popular Power which is going to necessity the Reconfiguration Alliance practically.

The 8th Provincial Congress of the SACP did so, by emphatically asserting that the Alliance was not formed through a memorandum out of some boardroom negotiations, equally its reconfiguration will be done in the trenches of unfolding working class struggles in pursuit of the National Democratic Resolution (NDR).

As such, we commit ourselves to work with the newly elected leadership of our Party in the province, especially in reaching out to the worker formations, workers and the poor as part of the consolidation of the broader left. This should strengthen our ability to effectively contest state power through the ballot in 2019 general elections, obviously taking lessons from the by-election in the Free State Province.

The 8th Provincial Congress of the SACP equally took time to appreciate the contribution of one of its veterans and Stalwarts uTata Mfemngu 'Ndlovu' Makalima for his sterling contribution on political education especially in the province. He remains the only one thus far with the ability to translate Marxist theory from English to IsiXhosa for the ease of understanding of the working class masses whom under the 300 years of apartheid colonialism were deprived the right to access to education but secondly to deepen the understanding of Marxism to the mother tongue of the majority in the Eastern Cape.

As the Young Communist League of South Africa in his honour and many other like Tata Govan Mbeki we commit ourselves to resuscitate political education extensively.

Issued by: YCLSA

Cde Andile Mosha