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Non Racism
The socialisation of the ownership and control of the means of production
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Communist University - Political School Material

YCLSA FS Declaration of the 5th Provincial Congress

19 February 2018

We, the 103 delegates all across FS gathered here at Bloemfontein, Braam Fischer building on our 5th YCLSA FS Provincial Congress, united and energetic to revive the youth wing of the progressive Party. We acknowledge the presence of the YCLSA National Committee, led by the National Secretary, Cde Mluleki and equally welcome the presence of the SACP CC member, Cde Phel Parkies and the SACP PC led by Cde Stofile.

We enter the youth struggle, not out absence, but out of community and political work throughout our Districts faced with a number of challenges which means there is more work to be done. In this difficult period, we can only remind all young communist activists that for all problems that exist, there are solutions. It is upon ourselves as Marxist Leninist scholars to note that " the dialectical method regards as important primarily not that which at the given moment seems to be durable and yet is already beginning to die away, but that which is arising and developing, even though at the given moment it may appear to be not durable, for the dialectical method considers invincible only that which is arising and developing."

We, as the 5th Provincial Congress will categorically work on the program of renewal, ideologically and practically in particular in the battle for socialism. The political situation in the Province is contaminated, political conundrums and political imbongi which benefit through patronage network of the highest stage. The phenomenon of State Corporate Capture is rife in the Free State, hence the Hawks are investigating almost all MEC's in our Province and further call for the immediate removal of Vusi Tshabalala Mayor of Maluti a Phofung, in order for him to focus on his skhotani tendencies.

All those that have stolen in the public purse, must not be given any type of oxygen, they must be brought to book. It is in this 5th Congress that we further emphasised that the Gupta network in collaboration with corruption political principals is an immediate enemy to our National Democratic Revolution.

As part of our continuing programme, we would like to produce more debates and practical work on State and Popular Power, and equally the correct, simple characterization of what the Party means by "Reconfiguration of the Alliance"

The congress mandate our Districts and Young Communists to go and be actively involved in community struggles, and be vocal against thuggery and thieving in the Free State. The Vrede Diary issue cant left unattended, we commit ourselves to mobilized community who earmarked to benefit from this project, failed funded projects such as the Agri Park in Albert Nzula, deteriorating public services such as in the health sector, communities that struggles with basic services such as water. The young communists must fight, take action and prepare conditions for a renewed struggle for socialism. We resolved to ask the PP to recall her report of the Estina Project in our view it just waste of state money.

Her recommendations are absurd and shallow.

We collectively welcome the removal of the former State President, Mr Jacob Zuma. Mr Jacob Zuma is not different from Anastasio Somozo of Nicaragua who concentrated wealth of the country unto himself and his circle of friends and family, threatening our country's sovereignty. On social cohesion, we declare total war against the killing of children and women in our communities, and whenever such rear its ugly head, we will fight it and expose it to the latter. As the newly elected PC, hand in glove with all members of the YCLSA in Free State, we will defend the gains of our revolution by fighting the commodity of water throughout the Province.

On Free Education, we want to unequivocally state that to implement fee free higher education, the government must not drag its feet, it must implement it in order to ease the financial pressure in many poor households. We will continue to intensify our Joe Slovo Right to Campaign, and ensure there is access to TVET colleges and University, congress mandate the Provincial Committee to engage with different TVET Colleges insources all the service and college must expand to other areas. We equally welcome the results of the 2017 Matric leaners and want to congratulate the 2018 Matric Learners and to wish them well.

We are proud of our graduating comrades of the YCLSA , Cde Mandla, Cde Lerato, Cde Madisebo and many others and wish them very well, we also want to say, the newly elected PC will not hesitate to ask for their guidance on any matter.

In conclusion,

As the ever-revolutionary Red Flag song would say,"With heads uncovered swear we all, To bear it onwards till we fall, come dungeons dark or gallows grim, This song shall be our parting hymn"

We thus collectively declare in this 5th Provincial Congress that these resolutions and deliberations shall be our guide towards a renewed, militant and radical YCLSA in the communities.

Issued by Secretariat.

YCLSA Provincial Secretary.

Cde Mamiki Setabela