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YCLSA Limpopo congratulates the newly elected ANCYL PEC

6 May 2015

The Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] in Limpopo welcomes and congratulates the newly elected Provincial Executive Committee [PEC] of the African National Congress Youth League [ANCYL] Limpopo as elected at the 10th Provincial Congress held in Mopani Region this past weekend.

We therefore wish Cde Vincent Shoba and Cde David Che Selane as both the provincial Chairperson and Provincial Secretary and the entire leadership collective all the best in their new political responsibilities of advocating the youth agenda in the province.

This is the moment we waited for, far too long as the YCLSA because reactionary forces wanted to collapse structures of the ANCYL in Limpopo through money, court orders and all other forms of tactics to derail the future and growth of the African National Congress [ANC] so that young people can look for alternative youth organisations.

We are hopeful that the newly elected ANCYL PEC will work closely with the Progressive Youth Alliance [PYA] leadership in playing a fundamental of ensuring that there is youth development in the Province.

We note that the road ahead looks bright and presents an opportunity for the YCLSA to play its revolutionary role of giving a class perspective within the working class in general and the PYA in particular. The ANCYL remains a relevant and important ally of the YCLSA, and a platform for advancing critical engagements in the search for solutions to the different ills of society and in particular the triple challenges of inequality, poverty, unemployment and education.

We are very much confident that young people of this province will not be leaderless under the stewardship of this PEC. We will work in unison with the ANCYL in delivering the youth vote in the 2016 local government elections and SRC elections in institutions of higher learning.

As the YCLSA, we believe that ANCYL will continue to advocate for the ideals of the National Democratic Revolution which is building a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa and therefore anyone who want to stand against this agenda should not be counted within the structures of the PYA and Mass democratic movement.

We wish the entire leadership collective of the ANCYL Limpopo Province a success in their quest to unite youth of this province and the society at large.

Issued by the YCLSA Limpopo PEC

For more information contact:
Bashin Magoma
YCLSA Limpopo Provincial Secretary
Cell: 0727703359


Lawrence Monyahi
YCLSA Limpopo Provincial Spokesperson
Cell: 0721198171