The Young Communist League of South Africa is a Marxist-Leninist youth wing of the SACP.

The YCL stands for:

Non Racism
The socialisation of the ownership and control of the means of production
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YCLSA National Committee Statement

20 November 2018

"Deepening Youth Mobilization and Building Capacity for People's Power"

The Young Communist League of South Africa [Ufasimba] held its 12th Plenary Session on Sunday, 19 November 2018 in Johannesburg. The meeting reflected on organizational building, renewal, conjectural analysis of our revolution and received reports on preparations for 5th National Congress.

The meeting paid tribute to comrade Eric 'Stalin' Mtshali and Mandla 'Rima' Makupula for their contribution to the struggle to liberate the working class from exploitation. We remain inspired by their revolutionary discipline and the theory they possessed within and outside the rank and file of the SACP.

The meeting acknowledged the qualitative and quantitative growth the organization has registered for the period under review. The meeting further highlighted the political developments that took place locally and international for the period under review has an impact whether negatively or positively on deepening youth mobilization for socialism.

In all these political developments, our shared understanding, frank and open debates in the National Committee and in the Provinces on approaching all these political events was a major task that we rose to the occasion and provided leadership. The unity of purpose and the unity in action that has been prevailing in the National Committee meetings and on our activities was also a major contributor, which need to be preserved even for the future.

The meeting noted desperate elements that are all out to liquidate the YCLSA and to undermine the Party. We vow to continue to safeguard and defend the unity of the SACP and YCLSA and to guard against and defeat any foreign tendencies that seek to undermine the unity of the Party and YCLSA. The unity of the Party and YCLSA is a principled unity that we as the fighting soldiers for socialism shall jealously guard it.

On the matter we urge everyone to await the outcome of the complaint lodged by the SACP to the press ombudsman pertaining to the authenticity of the document that is said to be proof of some payment from VBS. As the YCLSA we have a fully confidence on the SACP and we will continue to be in the front line to defense it when its enemies are all out to destroy it.


The YCLSA is one more going to its 5th Post-reestablishment Congress to be held from the 6th to the 9th of December 2018 to be held in the Eastern Cape Province, University of Fort Hare, Alice Campus.

The congress will be convened under the theme "Deepening youth mobilization and Building Capacity for People's Power". The congress is expected to receive and adopt the political, financial and organizational reports. It will deliberate on the discussion documents released for our structures to engage, assess the work of the 4th National Congress National Committee and give new mandate to the 5th National Congress National Committee. It will further receive solidarity messages from the Progressive Youth Alliance, Tripartite Alliance and International Allies.

The meeting ended on the high note that it's all systems go for the 5th YCLSA National Congress and asserted that ours is a struggle for socialism. We make a special appeal to our structures to observe high communist ethics and revolutionary discipline as they engage on the discussion documents and the collective leadership transition that will rejuvenate Ufasimba as we will be Deepening Youth Mobilization and Building Capacity for people's power.

Issued by the National Committee of the YCLSA