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Non Racism
The socialisation of the ownership and control of the means of production
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Communist University - Political School Material

100 Years celebration of the Soviet Konsomol by YCLSA National Secretary Cde Mluleki Dlelanga at Russia

29 October 2018, Moscow

On behalf of the 4th National Congress National Committee and the rank and file membership of the YCLSA, receive our revolutionary greetings. It is a great pleasure and with sense of responsibility the history of the international youth and communist movement that we are addressing this significant gathering.

Thank you for the invitation and it's an honor to inform you that in our country, South Africa, YCLSA is also referred as Konsomol.

We greet all communists and progressive forces both those who graced and those who were unable to grace this historic and significant event, the 100 years celebration of the Soviet Konsmol.

We greet you comrades as the Young Communist league of South Africa , fully aware that we more than just friends and comrades but we are comrades or young activist in the struggle for a new world order.

We come to South Africa not just to celebrate but to renew our vows and assert our commitment to the struggle for socialism.

We are further conscious that your class struggle is our class struggle, your setbacks are our setbacks and your victories are also our victories too.

It is not easy to establish a particular date that marks the birth of an idea. Ideas usually take shape through a process that may not be obvious and which may involve theoretical reflection, social practice, gradual conceptualization ,definition and seizing the moment, but, if one day or a moment in the history of the struggle for socialism-communism by young communists over the 100 years had to be chosen to show particular clarity the concepts that capture across the globe , it will be and always be the establishment or the formation of the Soviet Konsomol and its role in the Russian Revolution.

Comrades, this is international solidarity in action and in words. There are many communists youth leaders that are present here, notable the leaders of communists youth are present. International solidarity is eloquently explained by the first democratically elected President of Mozambique, President Samora Machel "International solidarity is an act of unity between allies fighting on different terrains toward the same objective. The foremost of these objectives is to aid the development of humanity to the highest level possible"

Comrades, the legacy of Konsomol has convened us, this is not just an ordinary seminar. Konsomol was the first communist youth formation to be launched in the fight against imperialism. Konsomol gave impetus for the formation of revolutionary youth and organizations throughout the world to stand up and fight youth oppression. Konsomol understood the significant role that young people can play in the history of the liberation of human kind and society at large.

Comrades as we celebrate the 100 years of the Soviet Konsomol , we have a political and organizational responsibility to host high the red flag and to conscientise young people in our countries and imbue them with Marxism-Leninism because with class conscious young people revolution and the people is safe but with young people as reactionary the people and the revolution experience regress which might even erase the legacy of the Soviet Konsomol and the role of young communists across the globe.

As we conclude, we would like to dedicate our intervention to one of the members of Konsomol Cde Nikholai Ostrovsky, who was known of the best singers and writing of the Konsomol. When Cde Nikholai ostrovsky received the order of Lenin by Joseph Stalin, Cde Nikholai responded "I have been reared by the Konsomol, the Party's faithful assistant, and as long as my heart beat my life will be devoted to the Bolshevik education of the young generation of our Socialist Motherland"

Comrades , as we celebrate the 100 years of the Soviet Konsomol , we are inspired by this response that was made by Cde Nikholai and we commit to remain the worthy sons and daughters of Lenin.

We will never allow the role of the Soviet Konsomol and Lenin to diminish and we will continue to struggle and we will never lower of guards till socialism in our lifetime in South Africa and other countries is achieved.

We assert our trust in socialism, with great confidence for victory and we assure all communists youth organizations and the youth of the world that we will always in the front line saying all for the revolution, nothing against it!

Long live Soviet Konsomol!
Long Live International Solidarity!
Viva Lenin and his ideas!
Happy 100 Years Celebration to Soviet Komsomol!
Long Live YCLSA!