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Non Racism
The socialisation of the ownership and control of the means of production
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Portuguese Communist League message to YCLSA

9 December 2014

Dear comrades of the Young Communist League of South Africa,

The Portuguese Communist Youth salutes your 4th Congress, wishing all the success to the Congress, as an important moment of your Organization to define the best ways to contribute to the South African youth`s struggle and for the reinforcement of YCL/SA!

The situation of the Portuguese youth is worsening every year. After three years of the Pact of the "troika" IMF-European Union, the country is now poorer, with less social rights, with more exploitation over workers, and with more public debt, less sovereign and more dependent towards the great capitalist powers of the European Union.

The state budget cuts on Education, along with the strategy to privatize and gentrify Education are leading to a unbearable situation for the students, a great part of them being forced to drop their studies for economical reasons, and also to many public universities that are currently in danger of closing its doors, close courses, reduce the number of students. At the same time, the right wing policy Government is continuing the strategy of promoting an Education system for those who can pay and another for the sons of the workers, calling it the "professional education".

Also the young workers are living a very difficult situation. Unemployment is the dark reality of many young workers, today more than 40% unemployed. Also the precarious work and the low salaries prevent many youngsters to emancipate. In this situation, many youngsters find emigration as the only way out, and Portugal is now facing emigration levels only comparable to those of the 60`s, during the fascist regime.

Facing this situation, the youth in Portugal is struggling! Many demonstrations occurred this year, in many schools all around the country, both in Secondary and on Higher Education. Also the young workers are taking in hands their role in the worker`s struggle against these policies, defending their rights in many local and sectorial strikes, in many demonstrations called by the class trade unions.

In the year when we are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the 25th April Revolution in Portugal, we focus on the values of the April Revolution as a great weapon against these attacks made by the right wing policy in the service of great capital.


The deep solidarity bounds between our two organizations have a great value for JCP, as we know the commitment of YCL towards the struggle of the South African people and youth, and to the anti-imperialist struggle worldwide. The solidarity between the Portuguese and the South African youth is very deep, from the common struggle against Imperialism, against fascism and apartheid, for peace and social progress. We want to deepen those solidarity bounds, and therefore, we wish once again all the success to YCL, to the South African youth`s struggle, to the progressive achievements of the National and Democratic Revolution, to the building of a free, peaceful and progressive South Africa!

Long-live YCL South Africa!
Long-live international solidarity!
Long-live the World Federation of Democratic Youth!
The Secretariat of the National Leadership of the
Portuguese Communist Youth (JCP)
Lisboa, 9 December 2014