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Non Racism
The socialisation of the ownership and control of the means of production
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YCLSA World AIDS Day message

1 December 2014

The Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] joins people from around the world in commemorating World Aids Day.

It`s on this day that we remember those who have passed on due to the virus and commit ourselves to increasing our efforts in fighting the stigma and myths around HIV/AIDS. This year we want to call on all our people to stop discriminating those infected by the virus and to minimise the stigma attached to it.

South Africa remains the country with the highest rate of HIV infections in the world. With 12% of the population estimated to be living with the virus, South Africa has a long way to go in dealing with the epidemic. The South African Development Community countries [SADC] countries are the other countries in the top 5 for HIV infections. The trend appears that the people hardest hit by HIV, are all citizens in developing countries which do not have adequate resources to combat the epidemic.

As the YCLSA we say that the supply of condoms must be supplemented with sexual health education and awareness. Some of the new infections are as a result of ignorance and mainly lack of relevant information. We have always said that our messaging must clarify that circumcision does not eliminate the chance of getting infected but decreases it by 60%.

We note that more has been done to deal with the health of those who are infected especially pregnant woman but we have neglected those who are not infected. Close to 2.4-million people are on the government`s ARV`s programme and government intends to increase by 500,000 a year. Our efforts should also be focused on those who are HIV negative to stay negative.

We encourage all young South Africans to take responsibility for their lives and health and join us in getting tested and knowing their status at free clinics nationwide. We call on all our South Africans to abstain, be faithful to one partner and condomise at all times.

Issued by YCLSA Head Office

Khaya Xaba
YCLSA National Spokesperson
Cell: 071 115 4619
Tel: 011 339 3621
YCLSA is on Twitter, please follow @YCLSA