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YCLSA Eastern Cape Provincial Committee Statement

18 November 2014

The Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] in the Eastern Cape Province convened its 7th Plenary Session of the 3rd Provincial Congress Provincial Committee at the South African Communist Party [SACP] Offices, in Bhisho on the 15th November 2014.

We convened the Provincial Committee to assess the state of readiness towards our Provincial Council and 4th National Congress. The meeting also took time and assessed the challenges confronting the working class and the poor.


The Provincial Committee (PC) meeting received the political, organizational and financial reports and a briefing on the preparation on the Provincial Council to be held on the 08-09 December 2014 at Humansdorp, in Chule “KK” Papiyane District.

The meeting also received a briefing on the preparations for National Congress, to be held on the 10-14 December 2014 at the University of Western Cape. The PC expressed appreciation on the progress made in terms of holding both Council and Congress.

The meeting emphasised maximum discipline accompanied by communist iron discipline in ensuring that the province portrays a good image of the organisation. As the Province we will attend the congress more united than before with the sole aim of contributing qualitatively on how to take the struggle for socialism forward.


We convened our Provincial Committee when there is an escalating and well calculated attack on the SACP and its leadership. These attacks cannot be isolated from the imperialist’s agenda against communists. We say to the people of South Africa, they must not pay attention to the blatantly lies and misleading information about the party and its leadership.

The Provincial Committee congratulates the Party in the Province for holding a very successful 7th Provincial Congress and further congratulates the leadership collective elected in the congress. We wish them well in their new responsibilities. We further extend our appreciation to districts and branches who attended the congress in particular branch leaders who have also played a significant role on our growth as we have a branch in almost all areas where there is a party structure.

Nothing is much feared and hated by imperialists and their agents than communism and communists. We call on the people of our country, progressive organizations and communists to join us in defending the party as we fully believe that the SACP will never betray the cause for socialism.


The Provincial Committee welcomed the intervention done by the Provincial Government, the Department of Health and the House of Traditional Leadership by convening a Summit on initiation. This was as a response to a call we made for the Summit to be convened.

In ensuring that past death of initiates is not repeated, the Provincial Committee is calling for the implementation of the resolutions of the summit on circumcision as we approach the initiation season. The YCLSA in the province have been thoroughly engaged in this campaign and as a result we have registered some progress. We however note the fact that the system of capitalism has turned this ritual into a money making scheme as bogus initiation schools have been mushrooming all over the place.

The Provincial Committee has established a task team that will assist in the process as part of strengthening our Ulwaluko Campaign.

The Provincial Committee reiterates its call for the establishment of special courts to immediately deal and process the cases of this nature. We call for heavy sentences for the perpetrators.

We further call on the Eastern Cape Provincial Government, Department of Health, South African Police Service [SAPS], the House of traditional Leaders and the entire Eastern Cape communities to join us in the struggle to fight and save the lives of our innocent boys who are our constituency as an organisation of young people.


The Provincial Committee has conveyed its contentment to the growth of the organization both quantitatively and qualitatively. We commit ourselves to working with our structures in the province to ensure that our organization is visible through campaigns that are directly responding to needs and aspirations of the young people.

Issued by the YCLSA Eastern Cape Provincial Committee.

For more information and clarity please contact: Mluleki Dlelanga

YCLSA Eastern Cape Provincial Secretary
Cell: 078 6429004