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Josie Mpama District Committee Statement

20 February 2017

The YCLSA [uFasimba] in Josie Mpama District (Fezile dabi region) , Free State Province convened its second District Committee plenary session on Sunday, 19 February 2017 at Vredefort Municipal Chambers. The DC assessed the state of the organisation, state of political developments locally and globally. The meeting was blessed with the presence of the PC Member Comrade Thamsanqa Tu and YCLSA Acting Provincial Secretary comrade Eddie Lesenyeho who addressed the meeting on behalf of the Provincial Leadership.

The meeting engaged on numerous issues and highlighted key issues in line with the mandate of the YCLSA 3rd National Council of the YCLSA

On SACP March to sasol firm

The District Committee joined the SACP March to Sasol Limited that was on the 27th of January 2017 and the main issues raised were:

1. High unemployment in the area
2. Labour Brokers
3. Insufficient empowerment of local businesses
4. Inadequate corporate social responsibility
5. Lack of transformation in sasol
6. Environmental pollution
7. Re-nationalization of Sasol limited

The district committee is highly disappointed by communication issued by sasol firm in regards to the SACP memorandum. we are of a view that Sasol is arrogant and doesnt care about the people of sasolburg. the district committe still calls sasol limited to provide sustainable decent job opportunities for young people in the district and We further condemn shutdowns . The district committee wont rest until the demands which were provided in the memorandum are met including re-nationalisation of the company back to the state. The district committee appreciates the support of PYA structures towards the march and other young reds from other districts within the province.

On Metsimaholo Ward 12 By-elections

The district committee is highly humbled by the recent outcomes of the bi-elections in Ward 12 metsimaholo municipality. The bi-elections was highly contested by many political formations, This is a sign that the ANC is still the only credible organisation that the majority of our people still trust. The district committee is worried about the loss of support in that ward. We further call the ANC to do self introspection and go back to its basics and represent the people. We wish to congratulate Cde Lebohang Makhefu the ANC candidate to serve the people in ward 12 with distinction.

On NYDA Short listed candidates

The District Committee acknowledges the short listed candidates for the appointment of the National Youth Development Agency, we further call the President of the Country Comrade Zuma to make a right choice that will benefit the youth of this country.. The District Committee still have faith that our National Chairperson comrade Yershen Pillay is still the right candidate to lead the board And deserves a second chance as the executive chairperson of the board.

On International politics

The District Committee condemns the recent act by the US President to ban muslims from entering the United States of America. The president must be the President of the People not of certain colour or race. It is totally wrong for President Trump to oppress people based on what they believe . He has demonstrated beyond reasonable ground to be an authoritarian leader of all kinds . President trump has done nothing to end conflicts in the middle east, he threatened to reimpose sanctions on cuba after the death of commandant Fidel castro.

On State of the nation address

The district committee is worried about the state of south african parliament. The parliament of the people has been transformed as a joke were members of the honorable house play ragabolo games were no rules apply. In 10 years discussion of NHI , the president pronounced to the nation that the NHI will be implemented in 14 years period. We see this move as an insult to our people especially in the state that the health department is in. We further call the National Government and the Ruling Party to fast track the implementation of the NHI.

On Flavious Mareka sasolburg campus

During our Joe Slovo right to learn campaign, we paid a visit to flavius mareka TVET college in Sasolburg were we learned and noted number of challenges that the students are currently facing. The district committe is concerned by an act taken by the campus not to refund some of the students the money issued by NFSAS. We are concerned about the criteria used to allocate this funds which is not clear. We further call the campus management to run free and fair SRC elections through an independent electoral commission. The District Committee support the student struggle, we call upon the Campus Manager Mr John Kojane to stop playing mickey mouse around the campus and solve issues that affects the students. The district committee condemns the recent high Court Interdict issued to students by Mr Kojane to prevent students to raise their issues.


CEPPWAWU and SACWU have embarked on a strike for three weeks. The district committee supports the demands of the workers in Sasolburg Omnia. The DC calls for a decent housing allowance for all workers.

On appointments of the Youth Development Officers in the District

The District Committee is concerned by the process which the ANC in the region chose to nominate candidates for the YDO positions. The ANC must engage with all PYA structures before taking a sole decisions on issues that are affecting us as young people.

On Fezile Dabi District Municipality

The District Committee has resolved that the ANC Must reinstate Comrade Thamsanqa Tu who currently serves as the YCLSA Provincial Committee Member to retain as the YDO in the Office of the Executive Mayor in Fezile Dabi District Municipality. Comrade Thamsanqa has proven without reasonable doubt during his term that he is the servant of the youth.

On Ngwathe Local Municipality

The District Commmittee has resolved to nominate cde Noma Moloi who currently serves as the District Secretary of the YCLSA in Josie Mpama and the interim Secretary of the ANCYL in Tokoloho Branch to lead youth development in the municipality . The DC is calling the ANC to Consider our proposed name for the YDO in the office of the Mayor in Ngwathe Municipality. The DWC is available at any given time to give presentation on our preferred candidate. The DC strongly believes that Comrade Noma is the Best Female Candidate for that post , because She has served in Numerous Youth Organisations that aims to champion interests of young people in this province and she has never failed to execute tasks that were given to her.

Appointment of the District Spokesperson

The District Committee has appointed comrade Edgar Legoale who currently serve as the District Committee Member and Head of Communications as the new District Spokesperson. The DC is confident that his acquired knowledge and application of communication skills will assist the YCLSA in its engagement with its stakeholders who are the public, the media and civil society.

It is Our task to produce young Marxists who in all material times will assist us to transform the current socio-economic system to socialism (transformational state to communism) via National Democratic Revolution. As we do so our motive forces are the poor and the working class, if anyone must be compromised in our struggle it should not be the proletarian class, otherwise we will be irrelevant to our course! As the vibrant Young Communist League we will continue fighting for socialism until capitalism is defeated.

Issued by the YCLSA Josie Mpama District

Edgar Legoale
District Spokesperson and Head of Communications

Noma Moloi
District Secretary