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Communist University - Political School Material

Issue 2, Vol 13: 17 February 2016

In this issue:


Viewpoint by Mluleki DlelangaAddress by YCLSA National Secretary Cde Mluleki Dlelanga on the Memorial Lecture of Cde Bomber Ntshangase

By Mluleki Dlelanga

14 February 2016, Mpumalanga, Delmas.

The Ambassador from North Korea
Provincial Secretary of the SACP and the entire collective
Provincial Secretary of YCLSA and the entire collective
District Secretary and the entire collective
Leadership of the Progressive Youth Alliance
Leaders and members of YCLSA from branches

Allow me to greet you on behalf of the 4th National Congress National Committee on this revolutionary day to celebrate the life and times of Cde Bomber Ntshangase. I first want to thank and express my appreciation for your invitation to deliver a memorial lecture on Cde Bomber Ntshangase.

Before I start , I want to make a confession that I don’t know Cde Bomber Ntshangase , am not sure whether I once met him in the SACP gatherings as I have attended many SACP congresses , councils and programmes or activities but I know Cde Bomber Ntshangase as an SACP ambassador on the struggle against corruption. I vividly remember his voice on SA FM as a class conscious, a party activist and ambassador against corruption both in the media and in the society.

On my way coming here, I saw may people wearing red and others wearing red and white. I asked what is happening and I was told that today is a 14th of February 2016. The 14th February of each year is popular know as a valentine’s day. Then as part of not being aloof I decided to choose a theme for this memorial lecture and to choose the wise words by Che “A true revolutionary is guided by the great feeling of love” as the theme that must guide us as we celebrate the life and times of Cde Bomber Ntshangase. As Cde Bomber Ntshangase was assassinated fighting for the people, exposing corruption as it delays service delivery to the people. His love for the people and his commitment to serve the people was what defined him.

Comrades, we celebrate the life and times of Cde Bomber Ntshangase when the African National Congress has declared 2016 on its January 8 as a year of people’s power. This year of people’s power coincide with the year of local government elections. The process for nominating and electing councilors is underway. Some naïve people with the ANC especially the anti-communists are saying this is pure the ANC Process. We must tell them that ANC process is an Alliance process; there is no ANC process without the Alliance.

As well our National Committee Lekgotla we declared 2016 as a year of a branch. This means a member must belong from the branch, our members must be members of the organization, our branch must meet both organizational and political requirement, our Districts and Provinces must be in good standing and be strengthened so as to fully respond to the 4th National Congress Programme of Action in line with Operation Khula.

Who was Cde Bomber Ntshangase?

Comrades , pardon me for being ignorant as I won’t bore you about when Cde Bomber Ntshangase was born ,which village , how many child Cde Bomber Ntshangase had , how many wives he had and at what age was assassinated.

Cde Bomber Ntshangase was a class conscious cadre and the ambassador of the SACP in the struggle against corruption. It’s important to start by saying that ours is a struggle for socialism and there is no straight line for this struggle. It is befitting when we celebrate the life and times of Cde Bomber Ntshangase and taking forward the wise words of Che Guevara that “A true revolutionary is guided by the great feeling of love” we further want to take it forward to say love for the people. We must continue to adhere of a very noble principle we were taught about that from the masses to the masses and we must continue to uphold this noble principle. As I said earlier that ours is the struggle for socialism, this is the humble struggle, by the humble people and for the humble people.

The other important principle that you cannot delink from the first principle, from the masses to the masses is the principle that leadership serve the people. This is another principle that must be upheld at all material times that leadership serves the people not the people who serve the leadership. We stress this as Cde Bomber Ntshangase has displayed and upheld these principles till the end. This also reminds us that we are not in a revolution for self-interests and positions; we are in a revolution to service the people and struggle for socialism.

One of the teachings as well as the role played by Cde Bomber Ntshangase is that we must always be in the side of the people and we must always proceed from the standpoint of the Party in everything we do as well adhere to the following as espoused by Chairman Mao that “The stand a leader should take: A leading cadre must proceed from the standpoint of the Party in everything he does. But a leading cadre should: A firm Marxist-Leninist world outlook and a revolutionary outlook of life, Devotion to principle, Faith in the strength of the people, dedication to study, and a high sense of discipline”

Cde Bomber Ntshangase as an SACP ambassador and Class Conscious Cadre

As I said earlier that we are celebrating the life and times of SACP ambassador against corruption and a class conscious cadre. Let me explain the difference between a class consciousness and false consciousness. A class consciousness is a subjective awareness of common vested interests and the need for collective political action to bring about social change whilst false consciousness is an attitude held by members of a class that does not accurately reflect their objective position. Basically, workers would see themselves as “I’ as in, I’m exploited by my boss than we are being exploited.

Cde Bomber Ntshangase was a class conscious cadre, who stood up against corruption and against capitalism as capitalism as a system is inherently corruption. A comrade who everyday stood the rain and sun visiting the Telkom telephone on the street to call and contribute on Siki Mgabadeli’s SA FM programme to expose all corrupt activities that seeks to delay service delivery to the people. This is the testimony of a class conscious cadre and a good communist as outlined by Nelson Mandela on his famous article how to be a good communist “The life of a communist revolutionary is no bed of roses. It consists of serious studies in Marxist Literature, of hard work and constant participation in numerous and endless mass struggles. He has no time for worldly pleasures and his whole life is devoted to one thing and one thing only, the destruction of capitalist society, the removal of all forms of exploitation and liberation of mankind”. These words by Cde Nelson Mandela is what also best describe Cde Bomber Ntshangase’s life and times as a communist , a Party leader and a member during his life time.

Comrades, the struggle against corruption is a struggle that we must be seized with in line with love for the people as well as our struggle against capitalism. Corruption is a cancer that need to be fought and be dealt with as it instill values that promotes individualism , perpetuate inequality , rob poor people of services, breed elitism and capitalism. Corruption is a devil that is embedded in our Nation and our organizations. Our organizations are on a back foot, our integrity is compromised and our history is a bad story. Some of our intellectuals had been buried alive, our comrades are compromised and society is forgotten. The future is blink, today is uncertain and yesterday was promising. The devil of money had replaced logic and conscience is substituted by populism, lumpenism and hypocrisy. Integrity no longer matter and praise singers are preferred. All what is bad and deemed bad even by society is what becomes appreciated and justified because it serves individuals. It’s only communist and comrade like Bomber Ntshangase who say no to corruption but also comrades must be ready that if you fight corruption you invite insults and killings. This is the struggle that we must continue with where Cde Bomber Ntshangase left, we should not be afraid to be killed for fighting against corruption and defending the people of our motherland, as to die defending your country and the people is a death a true revolutionary must always be prepared for and be ready for it at all times.

Our revolution is facing enormous challenges, but Karl Marx correctly reminds us that “History repeat itself, first as a tragedy and second as a farce”. Currently amongst the challenges facing our revolution which cannot be delinked with corruption is the emergency of parasitic beourgoises on the South African Revolution with these features : Bantustan leadership , corruption , corrupt organization , corrupting of young leaders , recklessness , gate-keeping and anti-communists. This what we cannot fail to characterize as this allowed will delay our revolution to better the lives of the people and put our country and our revolution for a tender bid and which will result for our people , our country and our revolution to be on sale!

When false consciousness supersedes class consciousness our revolution is on trial and we are heading for a disaster. When the revolution is on trial, it’s only a true revolutionary and a class conscious cadre like Bomber Ntshangase, who can point out the problem and combat it if it is against the revolution and the people. The leadership of the working class and the fate of our revolution are primarily in the hands of the working class and its leadership, on what it does or fail to do. But the fate of the working class is exclusively in the hands of the working class itself.

As we celebrate the life and times of an SACP Ambassador against corruption and a class conscious cadre, I dare not to fail to speak about other challenges or what I term the enemies of the revolution currently. If I do so, I would be failing both Cde Bomber Ntshangase and the revolution if I fail to speak about enemies of the revolution. A revolution is a complex issue, each revolution get tested in each epoch. Currently, the revolution enemies are loyalty to patronage is the enemy of the revolution, regionalism is the enemy of the revolution, what is in for me is the enemy of the revolution, yearning for leadership position like a dry desert needing rain is the enemy of the revolution, parasitic beourgoises are the enemy of the revolution, imperialism and capitalism is the enemy of the revolution. We must not just point them; we must also confront and root-out these tendencies on our revolution for our revolution to remain in course.

Comrade chairperson and fellow-fighters , allow me to conclude to celebrate the life and times of Cde Bomber Ntshangase on this important day on the calendar of our revolution and the calendar of the people in general where both revolutionaries and non- revolutionaries are spreading love. As revolutionaries our love must always be love for the people encompassed by hate for corruption and capitalism.

What we would hope for about Cde Bomber Ntshangase

There are so many things as young communists we would hope to be about Cde Bomber Ntshangase. Allow me to raise the very few issues I hope we have to prioritize to hope for about Cde Bomber Ntshangase:

If we were to hope our fighting soldiers for socialism, our members and the working class in general would like be when it comes to fighting corruption, we would say without hesitation: They should be like Bomber Ntshangase.

If we were to say how we wish the current and oncoming generations to be, we would say: They should be like Bomber Ntshangase.

If we were to hope how our members shall love the people, service the people, fight for the people and be true to the struggle for socialism, we would say: They should be like Bomber Ntshangase.

If we to hope on how our members should hate corruption, we would say: They should be like Bomber Ntshangase.

If we were to hope on how our members should hate capitalism, we would say: They should be like Bomber Ntshangase.

Long live the spirit of Cde Bomber Ntshangase, Long Live!

Down with corruption, down!

Down with capitalism, down!

Forward with the struggle against corruption, forward!

Forward with the struggle for socialism, forward!

Viva YCLSA, Viva!


Cde Mluleki Dlelanga is the National Secretary of the YCLSA.


Viewpoint by Mabuse MpeeBehind anarchy: Zooming into Malema’s ambitions

By Mabuse Mpe

The self-proclaimed and decorated Commander In Chief of the Red beret quasi-military brigade is a very interesting Man. Julius Malema; the Seshego born career politician has a big and forever inflated ego; loves lavish lifestyle and has always seen himself as nothing less than a boss; whose followers are duty bound to blow a trumpet for him, love and respect the Commander in chief even when his intellectual faculty is failing him.

Malema; the self-proclaimed fighter for economic freedom has a notorious record of enriching himself with public funds through his political connections.

Malema owed the revenue services an amount of about 18 million Rands about a year ago. Where did Malema get the money? Majority of news listening and newspaper reading citizens of our beautiful republic will recall how that money was made. The company called SGL was the vehicle for money squandering. Through corrupt practices, Malema enriched himself, cronies and family. And of course Malema’s voice is the most heard anti-corruption voice in the country. Is Malema an equivalent to our Biblical Saul who changed his ways and later his name to Paul?

It will be foolhardy to believe Malema has changed his wicked ways. Upon loosing an influence in the ANC and his income as a Youth League president; Malema was quick to run all over the country forming first the friend of the Youth League and later EFF. He did so not to service the people of South Africa but to rescue himself from his fall grace. He as well did so to maintain his income stream. Malema is therefore not a saint but a motor-mouth whose voice has proved to be the only tool available to him to put food and whiskey on the table. Oooh and those expensive French champagnes! though he careless in who’s labour and sweat are for? As he enjoys those whiskies.

With all said. The question begging an answer is whether or not Malema will nationalize mines, take land back to the ownership of the people and create a conducive living condition for all our people if he happens to head the South African state. In his little fermented contextual argument on nationalization Of course that was stolen call from SACP; South Africans are very critical people. In their majority the see the fraud Malema is requesting their assistance in committing. They know that state resources will be plundered and state purse get thinner as his ever-elasting pocket gets thicker. But what if it does happen?

What if Malema head our state? What will happen?

Malema may as well nationalize mines. He may put them in the hands of the state not in the interest of the people as a whole, but to his filthy and selfish interest. He will follow the path of many dictators who have disdain for mass interest. In essence Malema will wish to control mines so he can be the most powerful man on the surface of mother earth. An ambition he forever harbors. The land of the country will as well be transferred to cronies, fronts, family and friends of our dictator in the making.

To his advantage, South Africa has high levels of unemployment, particularly among the youth. He has seen that as a readily available cannon fodder for his ambitions of being the ruler of all above the surface of the earth. He uses youth unemployment to drive his ambitions. Lest do they know what Malema is up to but all who wishes to know how Malema works. What he does after achieving his ambitions may ask Lehlogonolo Masoga; The man who spends sleepless night campaigning for Malema to be ANCYL president. Or perhaps ask his former friends who were at the forefront of launching EFF and later to be replaced in leadership by Malema stooges.

The man from Seshego might of course be an economic freedom fighter, fighting for his personal economic freedom and using the aspiration of the people as a whole. He has done so and continues to do so. The baby soldier is nothing but a fraudster whose intentions are not different from the ambitions of the colonial era conquerors. The similarities are found in the ambition of both to quench their thirst for land, precious metals and control the well-being of the people. Perhaps more specific warning must issue to journalists. In Malema’s world nobody reports independent from his aspiration. If you thought Malema, the baby-soldier is different from the Youth league Malema, think again!

Through his loud vitriolic mouth, he ensured the “bring back the money” becomes a national anthem, whilst he himself while is failing (or refusing) to pay a tax. The time he was still be part of the movement; man from Seshego at time you were part of the movement (ANC), we told you, that your history will be blank in our liberation movement.

The ideological orientation he claim to poses as CIC is doomed to fail, Perhaps the young man must rush to left organization to give him ideological training? SACP might be very useful to him in this regard. He might refuse to learn from them, reasons known by the public that he hate Dr Blade Nzimande (SACP GS) and the party so much to an extend he bluntly  not willing to learn.

Let’s just risk and offer him a free public lecture on what must be done to defend the revolution not in that demagogue manner you do. In this regard, allow me to borrow a quote of Vladimir Lenin

Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement. This idea cannot be insisted upon too strongly at a time when the fashionable preaching of opportunism goes hand in hand with an infatuation for the narrowest forms of practical activity’.

The above quote confirms that this Pseudo-left lacks theoretical understanding of our revolution; Malema does not and never understood the theory of struggle that says NDR is a vehicle towards socialism. Let us not assume that he even understand the theory of our revolution. Indeed if he was real, he should understand SACP believes in socialist struggle that intends to do the following: just some few tips to him

Socialism is a working class power over capitalism (not tenderprenuer like him).

  • Abolishment of all sorts class exploitation
  • Socialism is for economic justice for all our people (not for Ratanang Trust).

He decided to blind himself when the SACP made a call on the following

  • Free National Health care insurance.
  • Transformation of Financial sector.
  • Transformation of media.
  • Dismantling monopoly Capital

If indeed the revolution was not about his ego and his personal interest the man himself was going to allow to be led.

Malema never defended the working class and the poor rather than throwing emotion into gallery. Certainly people like him are chief advocates of class inequality. In him: we see a young man who is a mid-way of collapse. Soon people will realized how toxic his loud hailing is? EFF to us represent anarchy.
To talk eagerly about your desire for speediest Economic freedom while in other hand he continues to amass wealth from the poor. Since the formation of his private militia, He never ceases to attack liberation movement allegedly once loved.

The young man doesn’t even know that, to have vibrant organization that is well accepted needs to adhere to certain principles such as

  • Collective leadership(not CIC)
  • Mandate and accountability (What happened to Anton Lembede resources?)
  • Constructive criticism and self-criticism( He suspend those who constructively criticise)
  • Truthfulness (pay back SARS )
  • Honesty (lavish life style while he claim to be poor.)
  • Transparency (How can he demolish 4milion house to build another house?)

South Africans must be aware, the fraudster is roaming the streets of South Africa, aiming to collapse the state, to create turmoil and harass everybody all in his own interest.

Mabuse Mpe is a National Committee member of the YCLSA and ANCYL Limpopo Provincial Working Committee member in Limpopo