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The socialisation of the ownership and control of the means of production
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YCLSA statement on court rulings on Ntlemeza and the SASSA debacle

18 March 2017

The YCLSA notes and welcomes the High Court ruling over the illegal appointment of Berning Ntlemeza as head of Hawks. The court ruled that his appointment was "invalid". It further ruled that Ntlemeza "lacks integrity and honour" and had made false statements under oath.

This is a strong vindication of the long-held position of the YCLSA about Ntlemeza. When the YCLSA publicly stated that Ntlemeza is not fit for job it was vilified and accused of pursuing a political witch-hunt. Ntlemeza shall never recover any integrity to serve the public. He must never be appointed to any position. He is a disgrace to the nation.

On Constitutional Court Ruling over SASSA debacle

While the YCLSA welcomes the Constitutional Court ruling over the SASSA debacle, the YCLSA reiterates the position it took at its recent National Committee meeting for the immediate resignation of Minister Bathabile Dlamini. The current crisis at the Department of Social Development and the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) or rather the 'Bathabile Dlamini Security Agency' regarding the administration of social grants is reflective of a deeper rot in the Ministry of Social Development. The matter of the distribution of social grants ought to have been decided by the executive. The fact that it has gone to the highest court of the land -the Constitutional Court - leaves much to be desired. It simply means our sovereign state lacks proper leadership.

As the YCLSA we call on the Minister of Social Development to take responsibility for her mess and do the honourable thing by resigning with immediate effect. We again call on Minister Dlamini to offer a formal apology to millions of poor for the SASSA mess she has created.

We maintain our call on the new Public Protector to investigate the relationship between CPS and Minister Dlamini. The Department has gone to the extremes to ensure that CPS maintains its contract even receiving additional payments of more than R360 million under the former CEO of SASSA. How is it possible that one company is allowed to have a monopoly over our social grant system?

The YCLSA maintains its call for the immediate recapitalization of the Post Bank to administer the social grant system on behalf of the state. The delivery of state services cannot be subjected to the whims of monopoly capital. The state that must develop its own capacity to administer social grants to the masses of our people.

Issued by YCLSA Media

YCLSA National Spokesperson
Molaodi Wa Sekake
078 164 3668