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Statement of the 6th Plenary Session of the 4th Congress of the Northern Cape Provincial Committee of the Young Communist League of South Africa

26 February 2017

The Northern Cape Provincial Committee of the Young Communist League South Africa held its ordinary plenary session from the 24 -26 February 2017. This was an important Plenary Session of the 4th Congress Provincial Committee with the focus on revisiting the Programme of Action as per the Provincial and the National Council(s) resolutions held in December 2017, the decisions of the Augmented Central Committee of the Party and the Special Party Building Commission held at its Head Quarters, as well as those of the 07th Plenary Session of the Party in the Province held from the 10 - 12 February 2017. The successful mass-demonstrations by NEHAWU, one of the progressive public sector union could not go unnoticed on Social Development / Service Profession and the National Day of Action.

Key deliberations of the Provincial Committee centred on:

The Centenary of the Great October Socialist Bolshevik Revolution

The PEC reflected on the Great October Socialist Revolution of Russia in 1917 led by workers. This revolution was very significant in the sense that for the first time in history, the working class took power in Russia. The October Proletarian Revolution is one of the greatest events in human history. The Bolsheviks grew from a very small number to lead a population of about 150 million people. The Great October Russian Revolution also showed us that indeed an alternative better and more human society is possible. The provision of free health care, education and jobs are some of the pioneering socialist programs and initiatives undertaken in the Soviet Union. In celebrating the Centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the YCLSA intends to use the occasion to reflect on the lessons learned from the 21st century and in the midst of all-round capitalist crisis in the present, the imperative and challenge of building socialism in the 21st century. This are some of the most important lessons that the YCLSA can learn from in growing our Party to lead a future Socialist South Africa.

The Centenary of the Longest Serving President of the ANC Cde. Oliver Reginald Kaizana Tambo

In remembering the life's and times, as well as taking forward the legacy of O. R Tambo, the PC acknowledged the fact that the ANC has consistently produced leaders of the highest calibre. But Oliver Tambo, thoughtful, intelligent and warm-hearted, was perhaps one of the rarest breed that the movement has ever produced. His simplicity, his nurturing style, his genuine respect for all people seemed bring out the best in them. The PC borrowed from one of his attributes taken forward in the 2010 ANC discussion documents for the NGC on "LEADERSHIP RENEWAL, DISCIPLINE AND ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE". It takes forward the analysis of why the ANC is facing internal organisational challenges of incumbency. It critiques the use of money as part of lobbying for organisational positions, and a culture of factional electoral slates. It also quite candidly takes aim at indecisive leadership, the paralysis of leadership collectives, and of weaknesses in dealing with ill-discipline. The PC of the YCLSA wish that the ANC in the Province finds a common ground in providing leadership in order to have successful and peaceful Provincial Conference.

Historically in the Province, it has never happened that one of our own is proposed to form part of the officials of the ANC collective, in defending the gains made and consolidating key sites of struggle, the YCLSA backs the nomination of the Provincial Chair of the SACP in the Province: Cde. Maruping "Fats" Lekwene as a Deputy Provincial Secretary of the ANC. The YCLSA believe Cde. Lekwene will go a long way serving and contributing positively to the ANC as he poses relevant knowledge, skills and capacities given his long standing history and experience as a self-less cadre of the movement.

Insourcing of Privatised Government Services to Tackle Unemployment

The unemployment figures of Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) for the fourth quarter of 2016 released by Statistics South Africa on the 14th of February 2017 indicates that the youth (aged 15-34) remain vulnerable in the labour market with unemployment rate of 37,1% which is 10,6 percentage points above the national average. However, youth unemployment rate registered a decline of 1,1 % points quarter-to-quarter. In an attempt to address unemployment in the Province, the PC called for decisive implementation of state-led interventions in the economy. Among others, through massive infrastructure development and state ownership of the commanding heights of the economy. The PC called for more active promotion and building of a strong, vibrant and thriving co-operative sector and collective forms of ownership, as a contribution towards the socialisation of the gains of the democratic government, the means of production and the wealth produced. In line with the successful ANC Lekgotla held on the 21st February 2017, the PC further called for the strengthening and diversification of state owned enterprises, including in the banking, mining and other sectors through, among others, decisive implementation of state owned bank and mining company.

Deployment of Brian Molefe

The PC was quiet disturbed by the persistent deployment of Mr. Molefe despite he's membership being surrounded by controversy and his activism being very questionable. The PC believe that all who are deployed as officials in the state led entities, parastatals and/or government must be fired should they be found guilty of corrupt practices. Re-deployment of Sir. Molefe leave much to be desired, among other, that of being protected from the legacy of corruption, as well as that of being located in position of power to serve the interest of the Premier League and their masters of the Guptas. The YCLSA knows that only tried and tested cadres of the movement must be deployed in accordance to the deployment policy of the ANC. This policy do not make any mention of the possibility of elevating a corrupt bureaucrat like these fellow of Molefe above Cadres in the Movement. We wish to warn the movement to guard against this tendency of allowing itself to be bulldozed by a faction on its crudest form like the Premier League, in this case, as practised and advanced by Supra Mahumapelo.

Issued by the YCLSA in the Northern Cape

For enquiries, contact:
Michia Moncho - Provincial Spokesperson
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