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Hands off our SACP 2nd DGS, down with lumpens

30 May 2017

As the YCLSA we strongly condemn the march to the house of our SACP 2nd DGS Cde Solly Afrika Mapaila.

The mobilization of dark forces paraded as revolutionaries by the political elite at the behest of the Gupta-Zuma dynasty, that has lost any moral and intellectual capacity to lead society, is serious affront to our hard won democratic gains.

As the YCLSA, we have noted a consistent behavior by the Zuma administration and its battalion of unrepentant looters, that instead of channeling resources towards the alleviation of poverty, unemployed and inequality, state resources are instead channeled towards fighting factional political battles.

The capitalist neo-liberal and neo-colonial status quo, suffering from a crisis of ideological legitimacy, intimidates those who challenge its draconian logic of operation. This is demonstrated by the attitude of the elite that is in charge of the state machinery which stops at nothing in zealously yet haphazardly unleashing terror on political opponents in what appears to be Idi Amin type of logic.

The increasing mobilization of "lumpens" or "the under-class" by Jacob Zuma and his faction is a living sign that the empire is crumbling. It can neither convince nor rationally sell its ideas to the masses. Where there is no any ideological or intellectual justification of the system, terror and intimidations reign supreme. This is a clear evidence of the status quo that has lost any moral, intellectual and ideological capacity to lead the people.

As the vanguard of the youth, the YCLSA will do whatever it takes to defend the gains of our hard-won democratic dispensation. Our souls and bodies will be at the service of a revolutionary cause. And no factional emperor of a slowly decay empire and its coterie of infantile political gimmicks shall stop us.

We call on the poor masses, exploited workers, the downtrodden youth and revolutionary ex-combatants not to allow themselves to be used and abused by those who have always lived lavishly at their expense.

At the end of the unscrupulous political activity of marching to a house of an anti-status quo revolutionary to defend a system that disadvantages the vast majority of the people, the feet of the poor will be itching and the elite will be in decadent places wining and dining at best and laughing at the folly of the poor who must assume the responsibility of liberating themselves yet allow themselves to be used by the elite, at worst.

The revolution is ripening, never should any streak of cowardice strike us. Socialism is the future, let us fearlessly build it now.

Issued by YCLSA Media
National Spokesperson
Molaodi Wa Sekake
078 164 3668