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YCLSA response to the Impish Personal attacks on the Provincial Secretary of the South African Comunist Party in North West Province

26 May 2017

The Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] in the province of Moses Kotane [North West] notes with trepidation (but not astonishment) the comments made by a fellow Sabata Ramatsie under the name of "faction SASCO". The article titled "SASCO faction calls for axing of MEC Sambatha" [published in the New Age newspaper issued on the 24th of May 2017] quotes Sabata Ramatsie accusing our provincial secretary and MEC for Department of Public Works and Roads Comrade Madoda Sambatha of what he terms to be "grandstanding and undermining the ANC". The article further quotes "The MEC is recklessly using state money to fund parallelism within the student movement and utilize this parallel structure SASCO to inject a foreign culture in the student movement of pronouncing on ANC leadership".

First and foremost the YCLSA in the province expels these irrational and unsubstantiated allegations, so too personal attacks against our Provincial Secretary and MEC for the Department of Public Works and Roads. We wish not to be petty by responding to Sabata as a persona, but give a brief contemplative, responsive comment and political clarity to the youth and general public about the bothersome political condition that we are faced with as youth leadership in this province.

The majority of youth in this province are victims to the triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequalities, which amid Sabata is but one of those promised political deployment-Patronage on the condition that they target and insult genuine leaders in the alliance who happen to be concerned and critical about the current corrosion facing the ANC in the province and country as a whole.

We are as the YCLSA conscious of the continued attempt by those (directly and indirectly) involved on the agenda to loot State resources for private wealth accumulation through corrupt means. Those that secure better future for their children at the expense of the people's power, the ones who roam around boasting about stealing from the working class and the poor, subjecting the power and responsibility vested on them (by the people) for the economic development of their families instead of the general public. Also, we are very aware of how these Mafias exploit the condition of the unemployed youth throughout provinces in the country to defend this counter-revolutionary cause. Our message to these Mafias is that, know that we are watching your moves, and in no way can we be spectators nor neutral as youth leadership, we will fight to the bitter end for the working class and the poor of this country just as the Vanguard Party is fighting, after all, this is our revolution and we shall defend its gains no matter the cost!

It is also important that we caution our constituencies, and the youth in general not to allow themselves to be taken for a ride by those (like Sabata) who are motivated by sinister motives to mobilise and purchase the loyalty and independence the youth possess for narrow individualistic agendas, refuse to be a token for the raja-curry plate for Sabata and other stomach politicians who crown themselves leaders. We wish to advice the public to be more vigilant at this time of the revolution; looters and stomach politicians are very vigilant, and defensive on their counter revolutionary mis-leadership methods.

In conclusion we want to put it on record that the YCLSA condemns with sturdiest terms possible these political monkey shines of denting the character image of revolutionary, credible and good leaders such as the Party Secretary in our province. Just about a week ago the Department of Public Works and roads was acknowledged and applauded by EXCO, the opposition, and all MP's for its continued effort to improve the lives of the people of North West [during these difficult socio-economic conditions we are faced with] under the working class leadership of Cde Madoda Sambatha (in his capacity as the ANC deployed MEC for Dpwr NW). What more motivates these personal attacks? In fact in whose interests are they being paddled? But then we have witnessed on many occasions hard work being rewarded with recession.

Whether those with guilty conscious will run character assassination campaigns or not, for as long as the SACP is still in alliance with ANC, COSATU, and SANCO, we will as Communists and members of the ANC (in our own right) remain interested in the affairs of how the ANC leads the Alliance and the policy position of the National Democratic Revolution in the movement and government.

Lastly, we call on the ANC in the province to implement the Alliance summit standing resolution of convening political councils throughout all regions, so that we are able to asses all these negative developments loaming the alliance and the general public. Those with revolutionary honesty will admit and acknowledge that the state of (both progressive youth alliance and MDM) politics in the province has really deteriorated to a detrimental point. Let us refrain from telling lies, and claim easy victories. This is not the time to be hiding the truth from the people, nor masking difficulties, the gains of our revolution are under siege!


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