The Young Communist League of South Africa is a Marxist-Leninist youth wing of the SACP.

The YCL stands for:

Non Racism
The socialisation of the ownership and control of the means of production
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Print and complete the form and send to:

086 601 2065 / 086 666 4153

For queries contact us at
Tel: +27 11 339 3633
Fax: +27 11 339 4244
       +27 11 339 6880

PO Box 1027
Johannesburg 2000
South Africa

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Press Statements 

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Date Title
17 October 2017 YCLSA statement on yet another power drunk-Saxon World inspired reshuffling
18 August 2017 YCLSA Statement on Class Action (Law)suit Against Financial Institutions
17 August 2017 YCLSA Statement on ANC NWC Double Standards over Issues of Members Discipline
07 August 2017 YCLSA Statement on the Abusive Conduct of Deputy Minister Mduduzi Manana
12 June 2017 YCLSA statement on the passing away of Cde Blade Nzimande's mother
03 June 2017 YCLSA Press Statement on the removal of comrade Madoda Sambatha from the executive comittee of the North West Provincial Government.
30 May 2017 Hands off our SACP 2nd DGS, down with lumpens
26 May 2017 YCLSA response to the Impish Personal attacks on the Provincial Secretary of the South African Comunist Party in North West Province
25 May 2017 YCLSA appalled by gender based violent attacks and killings
24 May 2017 Statement on planned Bua Thursday in Flavius Mareka College
22 May 2017 YCLSA Statement on the passing away of comrade Sthembiso Dabi
22 May 2017 Statement on the Passing Away of Bab' Russel Maphanga
15 May 2017 President Zuma shows hatred for Communists by demoting Yershen Pillay
15 May 2017 YCLSA Eastern Cape Provincial Committee Statement on outcomes of the meeting
13 May 2017 The YCLSA condemns fake picket calling for regime change in Venezuela
10 May 2017 YCLSA Mpumalanga statement on the unwarranted attacks
10 May 2017 YCLSA will avenge the Assassination of Chris Hani
08 May 2017 The YCLSA Statement on the appointment of the Board of the NYDA
03 May 2017 YCLSA Statement on the remarks made by our Deputy National Secretary
26 April 2017 The YCLSA welcomes court decision to nullify Government's Nuclear Build Programme
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