The Young Communist League of South Africa is a Marxist-Leninist youth wing of the SACP.

The YCL stands for:

Non Racism
The socialisation of the ownership and control of the means of production
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086 601 2065 / 086 666 4153

For queries contact us at
Tel: +27 11 339 3633
Fax: +27 11 339 4244
       +27 11 339 6880

PO Box 1027
Johannesburg 2000
South Africa

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Date Title
26 October 2011 Speech by National Secretary Buti Manamela, Second National Jobs for Youth Summit
21 October 2011 Keynote address by Alex Mashilo on behalf of the 2nd YCLSA Gauteng Congress PEC during YCLSA Linda Jabane District Congress
10 February 2011 State of the Nation Address by President Jacob G Zuma at the Joint Sitting of Parliament
12 December 2010 Closing Address by ANC President, Comrade Jacob Zuma, at the 3rd YCL National Congress
31 August 2010 Speech by Hon. Buti Manamela on the occassion of the parliamentary debate on the inter parliamentary union
09 August 2010 Speech delivered by COSATU 2nd Deputy President Zingiswa Losi in the YCL Rally
21 May 2010 Zwelinzima Vaviís address to the Jobs for Youth Summit
21 May 2010 Address by Minister of Higher Education and Training and SACP General Secretary Dr Blade Nzimande at the YCL Jobs for Youth Summit
11 December 2009 Address by the YCLSA National Secretary to the SACP Second Special National Congress
05 October 2007 Wits is not an exclusive club for the super rich and wealthy students - Buti Manamela
25 May 2007 85 years of youth activism - JG Zuma
26 April 2007 Ours was not a miracle
21 April 2007 Power to the People: In Memory of Chris Hani
24 March 2007 Jacob Zuma - In memory of Comrade Chris Hani, we should defend our organisation, its values and traditions.
22 March 2007 Our set of human rights as codified in our constitution - do they go enough for us as the left?
15 December 2006 Zwelinzima Vavi's address to the Young Communist League National Congress
15 December 2006 Build the Young Communist League as South Africa's political school for communism!
31 August 2006 Address By The National Secretary of the Young Communist League Buti Manamela to the University of South Africa Celebrations of The 30th Annivessary of June 16.
31 August 2006 Message of the YCLSA on the occasion of the Celebration of the 85th Anniversary of the SACP
17 June 2006 Address by Jacob Zuma at the YCL rally in commemoration of the Soweto uprisings 30th Anniversary
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