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Communist University - Political School Material

Issue 6, Vol 14: 4 May 2017

Will Radical Economic Transformation Abort or Succeeds

Exactitude of thought is necessary everywhere, and in questions of revolutionary strategy more than anywhere else. But as revolutions do not occur so very often, revolutionary conceptions and thought processes become slip-shod, their outlines become vague, the questions are raised and solved somehow. As a Marxist-Leninist scholar, amongst the classes one attended, I was thought as a young revolutionary to always consider time, space and condition. As a young revolutionary I asked myself two critical questions, first, will the radical economic transformation abort or succeeds? Second, is it possible to fix a date for a counter-revolution or revolution? My immediate response without a deeper reflection and analysis is that the success or failure of the radical economic transformation rest upon the congress movement family i.e. it depend on what we do, whether we allow it to be hijacked or we fight for its objective implementation. My response on the second question, I responded from the Marxist-Leninist perspective on the timetable for the revolution. A quick response from the Marxist-Leninist perspective is that of course it is not possible. It's only trains which start at certain times, and even the trains they don't always.

Let me briefly outline the evolution of discussions and debates on radical economic transformation. In the discussions and debates leading towards the national policy conference and the 53rd national conference of the ANC in Mangaung, a discussion started in the ANC-led Tripartite Alliance and the broader Mass Democratic Movement about how to characterize the next phase of our revolution. The robust debates centered on what should be the main character and content of our next phase of National Democratic Revolution. In the debates, there was a collective appreciation that our society continues to be characterized by three dominant contradictions of race, class and gender.

The entire national liberation movement felt a sense of growing restlessness and impatience amongst the masses of our people who after two decades of democracy and freedom, are still ravaged by poverty, inequality and unemployment. A consensus emerged in the debates that something urgent and radical had to be done to deepen and consolidate the thorough-going national democratic revolution. All components of the Alliance, independently and collectively, agreed that our revolution is entering a second phase of radical socio-economic transformation.

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