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Communist University - Political School Material

Issue 8, Vol 15: 16 October 2018

Mandla Makupula "A Man Of Principle And Honesty"

On Monday, 08 October 2018, just after the crack of the dawn, we woke up to the tragic news that one of the finest leaders of the South African Communist Party (SACP) and African National Congress (ANC), Cde Mandla Makupula

Has ceased to breathe. Cde Makupula was a man whom nature had endowed with considerable talelent as a thinker, teacher and orator. He used these gifts unselfishly to serve the working class especially the rural poor of South Africa to build an alternative, human and just world system, which puts humanity first. His contribution to fight against a system that was declared "a crime against humanity "is consummate and should be emulated by the new generation of activists

Cde Mandla Makupula was born 09 October 1961, and grew up in Mdantsane, a Township born as a result of the heinous and racialised segregation living patterns introduced by illegitimate apartheid capitalist government of the past. Growing up amongst the wretched of the poor of Mdantsane, the racialised, class composition and under-developed of the area shaped Cde Makupula`s political and ideological orientation, as Karl Marx once said" It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence but their social existence that determines their consciousness". It is within this context that it was not by coincidence of his class being or background that Cde Makupula was recruited into the underground structures of the South African Communist Party (SACP), after the Party was banned in 1950. Cde Makupula`s involvement and participation in the Party was a correct political decision..

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Joe Slovo Right to Learn Campaign

4 January 2019

The National Officials of the YCLSA (uFasimba) will hold a media briefing to outline our annual Joe Slovo Right to Learn Campaign (JSRTC) and many other National Congress resolution-based programmes. At the core of the JSRTLC is the declaration of 2019 as the the "Year of the TVET sector" , a resolution located within our broader ideological task to stem the tide of neo-liberalism in all fronts.

This is also to set a political and programmatic tone for the year's programmes which will then be contextualised according to the specific needs our different communities and constituencies, and the entire downtrodden youth by our branches, districts and provinces.

The details of the media briefing are as follows:

Date: 07 January 2019
Venue: 5th Floor , Mishumo House , 77 De korte Street
Time: 10:30am

Media houses are cordially invited to cover the media briefing.

Issued by YCLSA Head Office

National Spokesperson
Molaodi Wa Sekake
Cell: 078 164 3668

National Secretary
Tinyiko Ntini
Cell: 084 979 5999